Telus studies 31,000 cell phone internet additions in Q1 2021

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Telus introduced its first quarter 2021 earnings Friday, with internet cellular additions of 31,000 and glued buyer additions of 51,000 thanks partly to the corporate’s ‘PureFibre’ service.

The Vancouver-based nationwide telecom firm shared ends in a press launch detailing the elevated additions. The new cellular clients additions had been up 10,000 over the prior yr, whereas mounted clients additions had been up 15,000. In whole, the corporate reported 145,000 internet buyer additions. Along with the cellular and glued clients, that features 63,000 related units (up 14,000 over final yr), 33,000 web clients, 11,000 TV clients and 17,000 safety connections.

Telus considers related units to be any system with a SIM or IMEI quantity that isn’t a cell phone.

“This solid performance reflects the effectiveness of our world-leading performance culture, underpinned by our highly engaged team, and their dedication and passion for delivering outstanding connected experiences,” mentioned President and CEO Darren Entwistle within the launch.

“This contributed to industry-leading customer net additions of 145,000 and leading customer loyalty across our key mobile and fixed product lines. Notably, mobile phone, internet, Optik TV and Smart Home Security churn were all once again below one per cent in the first quarter, whilst postpaid churn is now in its eighth consecutive year of industry-best churn below one per cent.”

Telus reported a cell phone churn fee — the share of subscribers who discontinue their subscriptions in a month — of simply 0.89 %. That’s down in comparison with Q1 2020, which noticed a 0.94 % churn.

The firm’s cell phone ABPU (common billing per unit) was $68.79 in Q1 2021. That marks a $3.19 or 4.4 % lower, which the service attributed to the “lingering impacts” of COVID-19.

ARPU (common income per unit) was additionally right down to $56.10, a lower of $2.14 or 3.7 %. Along with the pandemic, Telus notes that its ‘Easy Payment’ system financing program, system subsidies and contracted system upgrades all contributed to the lower.

The service reported a internet earnings of $333 million, down from $353 million the identical time in 2020. Revenue was up 8.9 % over the identical interval final yr to $4 billion.

Source: Telus

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