SyrupCast 237: Hands-on with Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro

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This week on the SyrupCast, Patrick O’Rourke, Brad Bennett and Jon Lamont sit down to debate early impressions of Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro.

Before that, Brad goes over a few of the hottest information of the week, which on this case is, consists of Bill C-10 and the Apple v. Epic trial.

Once the information is taken care of, Brad bombards Patrick with each query he can consider about AirTags, together with what are his favorite equipment are and the way the Bluetooth monitoring NFC tapping characteristic works.

Once that dialog runs its course, the crew talks about Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro. While the laptop computer is fairly strong, it options a variety of pointless bloatware.

At the tip of the podcast, every individual shares what video games they’ve been enjoying currently, together with Loop Hero, Titanfall 2 and Patrick, after all, continues to be enjoying Apex Legends. 

This week we’re as soon as once more on video, so test it out to see our smiling faces ship the tech information that issues to you.

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