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eBay Canada’s refurbished retailer affords as much as 40 % on ‘like-new’ merchandise

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Last month, eBay Canada launched its “Certified Refurbished” retailer that lets Canadians store well-liked manufacturers at as much as 40 % off with the entire identical ensures, together with a manufacturer-backed “like-new” product assure and a free two-year guarantee.

eBay’s refurbished retailer was opened after the net retailer collaborated with well-known manufacturers comparable to Bose, Breville, Dell, DeLonghi, HP, Lenovo, and others to offer a market for the sale of like-new home equipment and electronics.

Unlike different big-box retailer refurbishment procedures, eBay’s Certified Refurbished Program is extra stringent, giving prospects extra peace of thoughts. “We are incredibly confident that Canadians are going to be blown away by eBay’s Certified Refurbished products, but if any issues arise, we have our customer’s backs – simple as that,” stated Robert Bigler, normal supervisor of eBay Canada in an announcement.

Only manufacturer-approved distributors are allowed to refurbish merchandise, that are then inspected to make sure like-new high quality stage and sanitized earlier than being packaged with model new equipment and manuals. In addition, all Certified Refurbished objects include a 30-day hassle-free return coverage, eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, and an Allstate two-year guarantee.

Here are among the notable merchandise at the moment on eBay’s refurbished retailer:

To try the complete listing of refurbished merchandise on sale, click on right here.

Source: eBay

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