Chill skateboarding sport Skate City is now accessible on console and PC

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Agens and Toronto-based Snowman’s chilled-out road skateboarding sport, Skate City, is now accessible on consoles after releasing solely on iOS through Apple Arcade final 12 months.

The cell model of Skate City managed to seize the magic of the enduring Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater sequence in a brand new, sidescrolling perspective whereas nonetheless providing precision skateboarding methods throughout the confines of touchscreen controls. The sport each regarded and performed nice, so it wasn’t shocking that Apple introduced Skate City on as a premiere Apple Arcade title.

Though I haven’t spent that a lot time with its console port, each the Switch and Xbox Series X variations of Skate City handle to remain trustworthy to its iOS counterpart with the added accuracy of contact controls and improved visuals.

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Locations embody skate spots based mostly on real-world places in Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. You may also modify the sport’s digicam and perspective with a fisheye lens that pans alongside along with your skater as you carry out methods.

While Skate City consists of the everyday challenges you’d anticipate from a skateboarding sport, resembling attaining excessive scores and performing particular strikes over obstacles, there’s additionally a soothing Endless Skate mode that permits you to carry out flip methods, grabs, grinds and manuals to your coronary heart’s content material.

Skate City is on the market on Nintendo Switch ($9.99), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 ($14.99), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S ($11.99), the Epic Game Store ($11.21) and Steam ($11.71).

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