Twitter companions with Statistics Canada to launch instruments associated to 2021 census

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Twitter Canada is partnering with Statistics Canada to launch new instruments and language prompts associated to the 2021 Canadian census.

The social media big is launching a devoted search immediate that may direct customers to the official census web site after they seek for sure key phrases related to the census. Twitter notes that this can guarantee customers get credible info relating to census subjects.

The new info immediate shall be obtainable in 14 languages. For the primary time ever, the immediate shall be obtainable in seven Indigenous languages. The Indigenous languages embody Inuktitut (Nunavut), Ojibway, Inuktitut (Nunavik), Oji-Cree, Plains Cree, Dene, and Atikamekw.

Further, Twitter is launching a like-to-subscribe marketing campaign that may permit customers to love a Statistics Canada tweet to opt-in to obtain future push notifications from the account and obtain a reminder to finish the census.

Twitter notes that “throughout the month of May and into the summer months, we will encourage people to participate by Tweeting about the census from our Twitter Canada (@TwitterCanada) and Moments Canada (@CanadaMoments) accounts.”

In the approaching months, when customers tweet with the ‘#2021Census’ or ‘#RecensementDe2021’ hashtags, there shall be a customized census emoji.

Source: Twitter

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