Apple extends AppleCare safety for Apple TV customers to 3 years

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If you’ve gotten AppleCare to your Apple TV, you would possibly need to verify your electronic mail. Apple has been emailing Apple TV customers this week with details about its AppleCare Protection Plan, based on a number of reviews, together with a MobileSyrup reader. The electronic mail states that the safety plan now gives three years of technical and {hardware} assist as an alternative of two.

The electronic mail additionally mentions that customers with an energetic plan don’t must take any motion themselves because the prolonged one-year safety will robotically be added to eligible customers’ accounts “at no charge.”

You can confirm your Apple TV’s safety protection by visiting

Apple launched AppleCare+ for its streaming set-top field when it introduced the redesigned Apple TV 4K with a brand new Siri Remote at its ‘Spring Loaded’ occasion.

AppleCare+ for the Apple TV prices $29 and provides you entry to specific alternative service, 24/7 precedence tech assist and international restore protection.

To purchase the protection or to study extra about it, click on right here.

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