Epic pays Sony for Fortnite cross-play compatibility on PlayStation consoles

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To get Sony to agree to permit Fortnite to function cross-play multiplayer with competing consoles just like the Xbox Series X, Switch, PC and extra, Epic was compelled to shell out further money — and continues to be paying for the function at the moment.

During the Epic v. Apple trial, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney answered a number of usually amusing mundane questions on Epic Games, Fortnite and the Epic Games Store. However, in the direction of the tip of at the moment’s portion of the listening to, Sweeney was requested throughout cross-examination how Fortnite’s cross-play works and what corporations revenue from purchases made “cross-wallet.”

Sweeney then identified that Sony’s contract with Epic permits the corporate to earn more money so the corporate can embrace cross-platform multiplayer in Fortnite, particularly when PlayStation gamers purchase V-Bucks on different gadgets however nonetheless play the sport on the corporate’s consoles.

“Sony has a policy that requires if the ratio of payments across platforms for a given PS user gets out of sync with the playtime, then we have to pay them a commission on other platform revenue,” Sweeney stated.

“So if someone were primarily playing on PS but paying on iPhone, they’d [provide] compensation to Sony.”

Sweeney stated that usually when V-Buck purchases are made on, for instance, an Xbox Series S after which used on one other system, each platform concerned within the transaction will get a lower of the cash. However, relating to PlayStation consoles, Sony will get extra money than its opponents. Sweeney additionally confirmed that Epic is the one firm that pays Sony more money to permit cross-play, regardless of video games like Outriders and Rocket League additionally together with the function.

During the listening to, Sweeney additionally revealed that Fortnite revamped $9 billion USD (roughly $11 billion CAD) in its first 2 years. The firm additionally outlined how a lot it spent on Epic Games Store free titles for the reason that launch of the platform.

The Epic v. Apple case surrounding the latter firm’s 30 % App Store income lower will proceed over the following three weeks.

Via: PC Gamer, IGN

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