Chevy develops repair for potential Bolt EV battery fireplace challenge

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Chevrolet has introduced that it’s lastly developed a repair to treatment the potential battery fireplace challenge that some 2017-2019 Bolt EVs suffered from.

There was a recall in 2020 on the automotive as a result of 5 variations of it suffered battery fires. Now, the corporate has developed a technique to repair this. Bolt house owners who’re affected can take their vehicles to their native GM dealership, and a mechanic there ought to now be capable of diagnose if their automotive must have any a part of the battery changed. 2019 Bolt EV house owners can get providers proper now, in accordance with Chevy. 2017 and 2018 fashions want to attend till the top of May.

Since the recall, GM applied a 90 p.c cap on Bolt EV batteries. Once you deliver your Bolt into the mechanic, they will take away that as properly in case your automotive is in optimum situation. Additionally, GM will set up a brand new piece of software program that may assist detect battery points earlier than they attain a essential level.

GM says this diagnostic software program can be going to be pushed out to different Bolts and EVs sooner or later, in addition to a security measure.

Source: GM

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