Volunteers create texting instrument to assist Ontarians discover close by vaccination websites

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Two Toronto-based engineers have created a texting instrument to assist Ontarians discover close by vaccination clinics.

After seeing {that a} instrument within the United States was permitting individuals to seek out close by vaccination clinics via a textual content, Zain Manji and his buddy Ashish Yelekar began creating a system for individuals in Ontario.

The two then had a texting system up and operating inside three hours.

In a tweet, Manji outlined that to make use of the system all you must do is textual content +1 (833) 356-1683 along with your postal code. You ought to then get an instantaneous reply with data on close by vaccination websites. The data contains the handle and cellphone variety of two to 3 websites close to you.

Manji notes that the pair will quickly create a system for different provinces in Canada as nicely.

Image credit score: Flickr (Mark Burr)

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