Rogers, B.C. authorities to develop mobile service alongside Highways 95 and 97

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Rogers is partnering with the B.C. authorities to develop its 5G wi-fi community alongside Highways 95 and 97.

The Toronto-based nationwide provider will obtain as much as $5.47 million from the Connecting British Columbia program towards the $6.4 million value of filling in mobile gaps alongside 68km of Highway 97 between Chetwynd and the Highway 39 junction.

Rogers can even obtain $774,000 from this system to improve mobile service alongside Highway 95 between Golden and Spillimacheen.

“Rogers is proud to continue investing in British Columbia on these highway connectivity projects to build critically needed 5G networks to bridge the digital divide, in partnership with the B.C. Government,” stated Dean Prevost, the president of Rogers for Business, in a press release.

“Connecting Canadians, including rural, remote, and Indigenous communities is a top priority for Rogers, and through this partnership, we are providing improved safety and reliable connectivity for those who depend on Highways 95 and 97.”

The highways 95 and 97 mobile initiatives are anticipated to be accomplished by October 2021.

Source: Government of B.C. 

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