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Get 57 p.c off these JBL energetic noise-cancelling headphones for at present solely

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Buy at Best Buy for $149.99 (save $200)

A superb pair of over-hear energetic noise-cancelling headphones is usually a recreation changer, whether or not you’re working from house amid the chaos of children or preserving to your self on a busy commute.

And whereas the costs of the highest contenders in that class is usually a dealbreaker, for at present solely, you may get JBL’s Club 950NC energetic noise-cancelling headphones for 57 p.c off at $149.99 — that’s $200 off their standard value.

These headphones may lack a number of the dynamic subtleties of audiophile-grade cans, however they’ve punchy base with clear, open sound, and their most necessary perform — actively blocking noise out of your environment — is on level.

They additionally function the model’s Ambient Aware and TalkThru expertise, so you possibly can hear conversations and take calls with out eradicating your headphones. Their lithium-ion battery additionally gives as much as 55 hours of wi-fi utilization, and their foldable design and included carrying case means you possibly can convey the silence wherever you want it.

Check them out, together with a bunch of different nice Mother’s Day items, at Best Buy Canada.

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