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Get 15GB of knowledge with Telus for $65 per thirty days in Ontario

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Vancouver-based nationwide service Telus is providing a $65/15GB ‘exclusive Ontario offer’ to individuals who activate a brand new line.

The deal is obtainable with the acquisition of latest gadgets or whenever you deliver your individual and presents limitless information even after you’ve used up the preliminary 15GB (512kbps after 15GB).

To redeem the supply, go to this hyperlink and fill out Telus’ type that asks you for fundamental info like your title, e mail and postal code. Right after, it’s best to obtain an e mail from Telus letting you realize if you happen to’re eligible for the supply. Follow the hyperlink within the e mail to make use of the supply.

In addition, if you are going to buy a cellphone on-line Telus is providing a $55 credit score together with waiving the $45 service/connection payment.

Source: Telus

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