Epic paid massive builders greater than indies to provide their video games away without spending a dime

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As a part of the continuing Epic v. Apple trial surrounding the tech big’s management over its app market, the latter firm has revealed how a lot it paid for particular video games it made obtainable without spending a dime via the Epic Games Store.

The checklist options each weekly free recreation for the reason that promotion’s launch again in September 2019, and contains a number of shockingly low worth tags. For instance, Epic paid $1.5 million USD for Batman Arkham (about $1.8 million CAD), $350,000 USD (roughly $420,000 CAD) for Limbo, $1.4 million USD (roughly $1.7 million CAD) for Subnautica and a grand whole of $0 for Metro 2033 Redux.

All of the corporate’s bills associated to giving freely these free titles totalled $11.7 million USD (about $14.3 million CAD). Looking on the checklist, it’s clear that larger publishers obtained a heft sum of money whereas smaller builders sometimes solely obtained a couple of hundred thousand. While this is sensible, it could be nice to see Epic supply extra monetary help to a number of the smaller unbiased builders it included within the promotion. Older titles like Alan Wake additionally obtained much less cash when in comparison with more moderen video games like Moonlighter.

However, giving freely free video games clearly drummed up hype for the Epic Game Store, with the corporate including almost 5 million new customers for a comparatively low price. Unlike different shops that cost a 30 % lower like Steam, Apple’s App Store and the Xbox Store, Epic solely takes a 12 % lower of every sale.

Source: Epic, @simoncarless Via: Kotaku

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