Another Amazon warehouse in Peel Region, Ontario ordered to partially shut

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Another Amazon warehouse in Peel Region in Ontario has been partially closed to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Amazon success centre positioned at 7995 Winston Churchill Boulevard in Brampton has been ordered to partially shut. A partial closure can apply to a mass dismissal of a shift or work space, in keeping with Peel’s web site.

Peel Region is allowed to order companies with 5 or extra reported instances of COVID-19 to shut both totally or partially. The new guidelines got here into impact on April twenty third and have led to sixteen workplaces being ordered to shut.

Last week, two different Amazon areas in Peel had been ordered to partially shut. The warehouses are positioned at 8050 Heritage Road in Brampton and 12724 Coleraine Drive in Bolton.

The area says closures will permit Peel Health to cease additional unfold of COVID-19 between staff whereas instances in workplaces are investigated.

Source: Peel Region

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