Chromecast with Google TV replace contains granular HDR controls and extra

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If you personal a Chromecast with Google TV, now you can obtain the newest replace to get some extra particular HDR controls.

In the replace, there’s a brand new setting referred to as Advanced video controls that provides customers extra management over the HDR implementation and color on the gadget. The refresh charge settings have additionally been moved to this menu.

Further, there’s a brand new toggle that can flip your TV on or off with HDMI-CEC, which is good to have for those who solely use the Chromecast along with your tv.

There are additionally some bug fixes that assist your Chromecast detect one of the best default settings in your TV, Wi-Fi enhancements and fewer lag for folks listening to audio with Bluetooth headphones.

If you need to replace your gadget, navigate to your profile avatar within the prime proper nook of the house display. From there, dive into ‘Settings,’ then ‘System’ and select ‘About.’ You’ll then see the ‘System update’ button.

Source: 9to5Google

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