Bell’s Crave surpassed 2.9 million subscribers in Q1 2021

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Bell’s Crave added 139,000 new subscribers in Q1 2021 and has now surpassed 2.9 million complete subscribers.

“High-demand programming like Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the #1 title ever on Crave boosted total Crave subscribers 12 percent year over year to 2.9 million,” Bell outlined in its Q1 2021 quarterly earnings report.

The Montreal-based nationwide service notes that subscriber income for Bell Media was barely decrease in comparison with Q1 2020 because of the timing of contract renewals with some Canadian TV distributors however that this was largely offset by greater income from Crave streaming subscriber development.

In its forward-looking statements, Bell says it plans to proceed scaling Crave via broader content material choices and consumer expertise enhancements.

Regarding Bell’s general outcomes for Q1 2021, the service reported 32,925 postpaid cell phone web additions. Bell states that its cell phone buyer base totalled 9,166,748 on the finish of the quarter, which is a 2.2 p.c improve over final yr.

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