Bed Bath & Beyond and DoorDash associate to launch same-day supply

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Bed Bath & Beyond has partnered with DoorDash to launch same-day supply in Canada amid ongoing lockdowns.

Customers at the moment are capable of store on-line for merchandise from Bed Bath & Beyond and choose Buy Buy Baby places and have them delivered to their home inside just a few hours.

Bed Bath & Beyond notes that the service is being launched at a reduced charge of $4.99 for orders over $39 till May twentieth, 2021. The service will then price $9.99 afterwards.

“We’re proud to partner with leading retailer Bed Bath & Beyond to offer their vast selection to Canadians via store-to-door delivery, helping them access customers wherever they are through their own online channels,” mentioned Casey North, the vice-president of DoorDash Drive, in an announcement.

The same-day supply service is being provided in 47 cities in 9 provinces throughout Canada. Customers in eligible postal codes can entry the characteristic by choosing ‘Same Day Delivery’ on the Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby web sites.

Orders positioned by 4pm native time on Monday to Saturday shall be delivered the identical day, whereas the ordering deadline for same-day supply on Sundays shall be 3pm.

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

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