Scammers leveraging Rogers outage to focus on Canadians with pretend credit

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Scammers are leveraging the current nationwide Rogers wi-fi outage to focus on prospects with pretend compensation.

Reports on social media point out that scammers are texting folks whereas posing because the nationwide service and claiming to supply a pretend $50 credit score.

“As you know, last Monday there was a huge outage on our mobile services. To make up for our mistake, we are offering you a credit of $50.00,” the textual content reads. It then directs customers to click on on a malicious hyperlink.

You can inform that the textual content is a rip-off as a result of it spells Rogers with a ‘0’ as an alternative of an ‘O.’ However, it may be simple to overlook this as a result of it’s written in capital letters.

Rogers has responded to Twitter customers reporting the rip-off and has mentioned prospects ought to “forward the SMS to SPAM (7726) to allow [its] security team to take a look as well.”

Rogers is giving invoice credit equal to in the future of service to prospects affected by the outage. It’s value noting that this credit score is being mechanically utilized to customers’ May payments and that prospects don’t need to take any motion.

It’s essential to solely click on on hyperlinks that you already know are from an official supply and to be cautious of scams by on the lookout for spelling errors and different uncommon components.

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Written by Gideon


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