Google experimenting with including Lens app to Pixel launcher

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Google Lens is a helpful little app, particularly today as we dwell in an atmosphere the place we select to not issues in public areas.

You can use Lens to study extra about supported merchandise or information-bearing codes by pointing your telephone’s digicam at it, equivalent to a restaurant’s posted menu or a QR code that can carry one up. Because the usage of Lens is rising on this pandemic-ridden world, Google is experimenting with making it extra accessible on Pixel gadgets.

Pixel customers have seen a small, additional Lens shortcut added into their Google Search bar, sitting subsequent to the Google Assistant button. The concept right here is to make the Lens app as accessible as attainable, and one of the simplest ways to try this is to place the shortcut on the house launcher.

Of course, this throws off the aesthetic stability of the Pixel Launcher’s non-removable Google search bar, which can annoy some customers.  If you really want fast entry to Google Lens, you can merely set up the Lens shortcut and place it on your own home display. In many conditions, rapidly opening your digicam and pointing it at objects will suffice too.

It’s value noting that this function is may very nicely be a restricted take a look at from Google as the brand new embedded shortcut is just not showing on all Pixel gadgets.

Image credit score: Droid Life

Source: Droid Life

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