Digital Foundry’s Xbox FPS Boost evaluation claims video games run ‘pretty awesome’ at 120fps

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Last week, Microsoft enabled FPS Boost on 12 EA video games. to maximise the Xbox Series X and Series S’ {hardware} energy whereas operating older titles. Now, the parents over at Digital Foundry spent the weekend testing the boosted video games and the outcomes appear to be spectacular.

They targeted primarily on numerous Battlefield video games, beginning with Battlefield 4. While FPS Boost reduces the decision, the body price (particularly within the marketing campaign) ensures a easy expertise. Digital Foundry reported that though there are some noticeable drops in a couple of of the multiplayer maps, the sport is claimed to run easily on each Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

FPS Boost works higher with Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V due to improved recreation engines. Both video games work “perfectly” on Xbox Series X and S at 120fps, studies Digital Foundry. The decision is claimed to drop to round 972p, which is analogous to the unique Xbox One model, however the body price enhance seems to be value it.

On the opposite hand, the outcomes of each Titanfall video games are fairly completely different. Only the sequel has FPS Boost enabled on each consoles, nevertheless it completely captures the 120fps mode with only some drops on Xbox Series S. According to Digital Foundry’s evaluation, the sport does drop right down to 810p when FPS Boost is enabled however the outcomes are “pretty awesome” both manner as multiplayer matches can present a number of titans with out dropping frames.

Watch the total evaluation under:

[embedded content]

Image credit score: Microsoft Blog

Source: Digital Foundry Via: PureXbox

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