Zoom introduces ‘Immersive View’ to decrease social distancing blues

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Zoom is lastly launching “Immersive View,” a “more engaging and collaborative way to meet,” six months after asserting the function at Zoomtopia 2020.

Similar to Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode, Immersive View permits hosts to group video attendees and webinar panelists right into a single digital background, permitting them to attach and collaborate in a unified digital assembly area.

Zoom’s Immersive View can accommodate as much as 25 folks in a single enjoyable, constant assembly area, whether or not you select a classroom, boardroom, convention auditorium, or your favorite spot to meet up with mates.

The Immersive View choice is offered to assembly and webinar hosts in the identical method because the Speaker or Gallery View choices can be found. When Immersive View is activated, hosts could manually place contributors in a digital scene or have it executed robotically. For a extra practical atmosphere, hosts can simply transfer contributors across the scene and resize their footage.

When a bunch needs to share their display, the Immersive View function shall be disabled and the shared display will take its place. When the display presentation stops, the Immersive View will come up once more with all contributors in the identical spot as they had been earlier than.

Immersive View is offered for Windows and macOS desktop purchasers and is enabled by default for all Free and single Pro accounts utilizing Zoom 5.6.3 or larger. All different account sorts can allow it through the online portal.

Source: Zoom

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