Vidéotron rolls out new ‘Helix Fi 2’ good gateway

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Vidéotron has formally launched its new ‘Helix Fi 2’ good gateway with Wi-Fi 6 expertise.

The Montreal-based provider says the Helix Fi 2 gateway comprises probably the most highly effective Wi-Fi expertise in Quebec and can deliver enhanced pace, vary and connectivity.

“TV terminals, wireless devices and compatible smart equipment can be connected to the device in a flash to make it the new hub of Vidéotron subscribers’ connected lives,” Vidéotron acknowledged in a press launch. 

The gateway is obtainable for a one-time fee of $288 or $12 per 30 days for twenty-four months. It could be bought on-line or by cellphone.

Vidéotron outlines that the brand new Wi-Fi 6 normal helps extra concurrent connections and practically thrice the pace of earlier applied sciences.

“The smart wireless network constantly optimizes itself for the currently connected devices in order to provide the best possible connection for each user. It’s the ideal solution for connected families,” Vidéotron notes.

The provider says the gateway reduces the power consumption of linked units and supplies a seamless connection wherever in prospects’ properties.

Source: Vidéotron 

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