Two Amazon warehouses partially shut down in Peel because of COVID-19

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Ontario’s Peel Public Health has ordered two Amazon fulfilment centres to partially shut because of COVID-19 circumstances.

The places in query are the Amazon Centre at 8050 Heritage Road in Brampton, and the centre at 12724 Coleraine Drive in Bolton. Both have been ordered to close down for not less than 10 days, as of April twenty fourth.

The Brampton location was ordered to completely shut final month for 2 weeks because of tons of of confirmed COVID-19 circumstances.

However, a partial shutdown solely requires a enterprise to hold out a mass dismissal of a particular work or shift space, relatively than your complete facility.

Peel Public Health didn’t reveal what number of workers have been affected by the shutdown on the Brampton and Bolton Amazon centres.

Speaking to CP24, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that three shifts on the Brampton centre and one shift on the Bolton location had been affected, out of a complete of 18 shifts at each places.

“Our most recent round of mandatory testing confirmed a positivity rate of approximately one percent, and there appears to be little risk of spread within our facility,” stated the spokesperson.

According to Peel’s official office closures web site, Amazon’s centres are the area’s solely two workplaces which can be at present shut down because of COVID-19. However, Peel says the web site will likely be up to date each day to mirror any adjustments.

Source: CP24

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