Samsung brings high quality of life replace to Galaxy Buds Pro

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While the varied gestures used to manage the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are typically responsive, they will also be finicky, just like the Galaxy Buds Live. Now, Samsung is introducing a brand new manner for Galaxy Buds Pro customers to manage quantity with a function referred to as “Double tap earbud edge.”

You can discover the function within the Galaxy Wearable app’s Labs menu. Once enabled, you’ll be able to modify the amount by double-tapping the highest fringe of the left earbud or the appropriate fringe of the appropriate earbud to lower and improve quantity, respectively. Since now you can change the amount with out tapping the contact panels, you should use your double- or triple-tap controls to carry out different duties, comparable to launching the voice assistant.

However, that isn’t the one change to the controls. With an extended press, now you can activate or off a selected noise management mode (both Ambient or Noise-canceling mode) with out having to cycle between them.

Make positive you replace your Galaxy Buds Pro plugin within the coming month as the brand new firmware model is presently rolling out in South Korea and could be anticipated to succeed in Canadian customers quickly.

Source: Android Police

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