Rogers donating telephones and plans to girls’s shelters throughout Canada

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Rogers is increasing its cellphone and plan program to offer help to greater than 325 girls’s shelters throughout the nation.

As a part of this system, the Toronto-based nationwide service is donating 1000’s of telephones and plans to the shelters and transition homes. Rogers is collaborating with Motorola and LG for this system.

Rogers launched this system final 12 months in the direction of the beginning of the pandemic and notes that it goals to assist girls and their youngsters escape violence and abuse.

“Isolation and the economic impacts of the pandemic have led to an increase in violence and abuse across the country and too many Canadian women are facing this dual storm,” mentioned Sevaun Palvetzian, the chief communications officer at Rogers, in an announcement.

“Rogers is proud to partner with Women’s Shelters Canada to provide phones and plans as digital lifelines to women in crisis.”

The service says the units will assist hold girls in susceptible positions related to crucial sources amid ongoing lockdowns.

Source: Rogers

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