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Koodo and Best Buy providing LG Velvet at $15/month with different large surprises

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Telus flanker model Koodo and Best Buy are providing a steal deal on the LG Velvet.

Best Buy and Koodo are providing the telephone for a $15/month tab for twenty-four months. But right here is the place the deal will get higher: new and outdated Koodo prospects who activate a line will obtain a $200 and $100 Best Buy reward card respectively.

As a particular provide, Koodo and Best Buy are additionally providing two Google Nest Minis to prospects with an eligible Koodo Tab activation.

You may buy the telephone instantly from Koodo’s web site and obtain a $200 Visa reward card.

The provide is out there on-line and in-store, nevertheless, the latter has a $45 activation payment.

Even although LG has ceased its cellular enterprise, it says that it would proceed to supply software program updates to its cellular customers, making this deal all of the extra enticing.

You can try detailed details about the deal right here.

Source: Best Buy

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