Clubhouse deal offers customers entry to unique NFL Draft Week protection

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Clubhouse would possibly allow you to hang around with a few of your favorite athletes.

SocialMediaToday stories that Clubhouse has signed a deal that offers customers entry to the NFL Draft Week. Now, there’s a assortment of official NFL audio chat rooms so customers can observe the reside draft picks and hearken to discussions carried on by athletes, coaches and others.

Like different Clubhouse chat rooms, customers might be invited to talk, ask questions or share their ideas in regards to the draft.

A partnership like this might draw extra individuals to Clubhouse, particularly contemplating Facebook and Twitter are engaged on chat room-style options.

Given that Clubhouse continues to be iPhone-only, this will likely be a restricted take a look at for now. If that is profitable, although, we’d see the NFL develop this deal giving customers extra entry to athletes and coaches, or would possibly attempt to make an identical take care of different platforms.

Source: Social Media Today

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