3.5 p.c of recent automobile registrations in Canada are ZEVs

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Statistics Canada is reporting that 3.5 p.c of Canadian new automobile gross sales within the third quarter of 2020 have been zero-emissions autos (ZEVs).

In 2019, solely 2.91 p.c of recent automobiles have been ZEVs.

For Q3 2020, this works out to 54,353 ZEVs, and 71.8 p.c of those are battery electrical autos. A overwhelming majority (95.4 p.c) have been bought in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. That mentioned, it’s 1,812 fewer ZEVs than the yr earlier than. This is extra doubtless because of decreased automotive gross sales from the COVID-19 pandemic than from individuals not being fascinated by zero-emissions autos.

This is the place the numbers get slightly difficult. While fewer EVs have been bought in 2020, it was nonetheless a bigger portion of the general automotive gross sales since fewer automobiles have been bought generally.

Out of all of the provinces, B.C. is main the cost with probably the most new EVs on the street for those who choose it by percentages. Quebec bought extra EVs, nevertheless it additionally bought extra gasoline-powered automobiles so it had a smaller share of total EV gross sales comparatively.

Ontario is in third place with 10,515 EVs bought, which is nice, nevertheless it’s nonetheless down from the glory days of when the province had an EV rebate and have been capable of promote 16,365 in 2018, based on Electric Autonomy Canada. 

Source: Stats Canada, Electric Autonomy Canada 

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