Xplornet bringing gigabit web velocity to Haldimand County, Ontario

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Xplornet has introduced that it’s deploying fibre-to-the-home to over 19,000 properties and companies in Haldimand County, Ontario.

The service says it is going to deploy over 600km of fibre optic cable all through the area. The mission is scheduled to be accomplished inside two years.

“Xplornet is putting a strong focus on deploying fibre-to-the-home in rural Ontario,” stated Xplornet CEO Allison Lenehan, in an announcement.

“Once the project has been completed more than 19,000 households and businesses will have access to fibre-to-the-home service, with broadband plans with speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second.”

Earlier this month, Xplornet launched a brand new 50/10Mbps web plan with limitless knowledge. The new providing is now accessible to new and present prospects that reside in an eligible space for $109.99 per thirty days.

The service stated the launch builds on its plan to speculate $500 million by 2025 to deploy scalable hybrid fibre wi-fi know-how in its community to convey inexpensive broadband providers to rural Canadians.

Source: Xplornet

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