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The final reward for foodie mothers is 41 p.c off at Best Buy for right this moment solely

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Buy at Best Buy for $169.99 (save $70)

Most kitchens have a graveyard of devices that got here on robust earlier than fizzling into flavours of the week. Pasta makers, stovetop people who smoke, and breadmakers (it’s received three speeds!) all had fifteen minutes of fame earlier than they had been fifteen-dollar finds at storage gross sales.

But the air fryer appears to be dodging that destiny. Some cooks query them, however in addition they have a diehard following of followers who rave about cooking all the things from candy potato fries to entire chickens with little time and fewer oil.

So if the mother in your life would possibly land in that camp, you possibly can’t go improper with getting her an air fryer for Mother’s Day. Especially this Insignia mannequin, which is at the moment simply $99.99 (save $70) at Best Buy Canada.

Check it out, together with the remainder of Best Buy’s Mother’s Day offers, on the retailer’s web site.

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