Intel companions with Montreal-based AI institute MILA

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Intel is partnering with Montreal-based AI institute MILA to make use of synthetic intelligence to advance medical analysis.

“Together, we have an enormous opportunity to leverage advances in our respective technologies to solve some of the world’s critical and challenging business and societal issues using AI,” stated Denis Gaudreault, the nation supervisor of Intel Canada, in an announcement.

The first venture the 2 organizations will collaborate on focuses on new AI strategies for dashing up analysis within the house of medication and utilizing high-performance computing to get nearer to growing cures.

“Working with a global leader like Intel is a great opportunity to democratize AI and to accelerate the development of an open-source solution recently initiated at MILA by combining engineering expertise, practical hands-on experience and cutting-edge research in AI,” stated MILA govt vice-president Stéphane Létourneau.

Intel says it can work with MILA to work in direction of bettering algorithms in addition to advancing deep studying capabilities.

Source: Intel

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