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Public Mobile is providing one month free for brand spanking new prospects

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Telus’ flanker model, Public Mobile, is providing a flash sale the place new prospects can get one month free when activating a plan on-line or in-store. The provide runs from April twenty first to twenty sixth at 11:59pm ET/8:59pm PT.

To get the deal, you’ll must submit your electronic mail deal with right here. Once submitted, you may have till May seventh to activate a line utilizing the identical electronic mail deal with, both in-store or on-line.

The web site provides a wide selection of plans, however the 10GB/$50 plan with limitless Canada and U.S. calling provides you with essentially the most bang on your buck. To try different plans, click on right here.

It’s necessary to notice that Public Mobile will credit score you the 30-day charge plan quantity and apply it in direction of your third month of service.

Source: Public Mobile

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