PlayStation Now rolling out 1080p streaming help this week in Canada

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Sony has confirmed that 1080p help is coming to its PlayStation Now recreation streaming service this week.

In a tweet, the official PlayStation Twitter account mentioned the rollout is occurring this week in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan, the markets wherein PlayStation Now is on the market.

However, the corporate famous that the rollout will happen “over the next several weeks” for “capable” video games, so hold that in thoughts when you don’t see 1080p help instantly or for particular titles, like these from the PS3 or PS2 period.

Until now, the service has solely supplied streaming of as much as 720p. With 1080p help, PS Now has reached Stadia’s base tier, though the Google-owned service does help as much as 4K. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming characteristic, which streams video games to Android, iOS and PC, is presently capped at 720p.

PS Now gives a listing of greater than 800 PS2, PS3 and PS4 video games and is on the market on PS4, PS5 and PC.

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