For each tree planted in video games, Shaw pledges to plant one in actual life

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For Earth Day, Shaw has kicked off a ‘Tree Spree’ problem to encourage players to suppose extra concerning the setting.

Now, the Calgary-based provider has pledged to plant an actual tree for each tree that Canadians plant of their favorite sport, like Animal Crossing or Minecraft. For the tree planting to rely, players should screenshot their work and share it on social media with Shaw (@ShawInformation) tagged and utilizing the hashtag #ShawTreeSpree.

Earlier this month, Shaw ran an identical occasion with Canadian streamers like Kate Stark and Marcel Dee. It’s now opening up that problem to Canadian players.

Shaw says these players planted practically 4,000 bushes, which the provider will absolutely match in partnership with Tree Canada.

You can learn extra concerning the non-profit environmental group right here.

Image credit score: Nintendo

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