Consumer Reports says you may trick a Tesla to drive by itself

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After the deadly Tesla Model S crash within the U.S. final week, Consumer Reports confirms which you can trick a Model Y into driving on Autopilot with out anybody within the driver’s seat.

It ought to be famous that Tesla claims that Autopilot wasn’t enabled when the crash that killed two folks occurred in Texas, however native authorities declare that nobody was sitting within the driver’s seat. Tesla CEO Elon Musk additionally tweeted that Autopilot couldn’t have been engaged on the highway with the crash as a result of there have been no painted highway strains. That being mentioned, Tesla homeowners have taken to Twitter to indicate that this will also be circumvented.

Consumer Reports additionally clarifies that that is extraordinarily harmful to strive, and it solely did so on a closed check observe.

The publication says the automotive drove alongside positive in its exams, however it failed to ensure the motive force was paying consideration and even discover that the motive force’s seat was empty. This really places Tesla at a severe drawback since GM and Ford every use a digital camera to ensure the motive force is trying on the highway.

To get this to work, it wanted to start out driving with somebody sitting within the driver’s seat on prime of the buckled seatbelt (it must be buckled to interact Autopilot). Then, as soon as the automotive began driving alongside, they lowered the pace right down to zero, hooked up a weight to the steering wheel to simulate the load of a human hand and hopped over to the passenger seat with out opening the doorways (that disengages Autopilot).

While this looks as if a little bit of a trouble, it does show that it’s attainable. All of that is to say that when you have a Tesla, hold your eye on the highway earlier than you kill somebody or your self.

Source: Consumer Reports 

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