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Shoppers providing 50,000 PC Optimum factors with on-line buy of $150 or extra

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Shoppers Drug Mart is providing 50,000 bonus PC Optimum factors if you make a web-based buy of $150 or extra.

The retailer notes that this works out to $50 in worth. This provide is offered till April twenty second.

It’s price noting that RedFlagDeals customers report that you would be able to get 40 p.c again in factors if you redeem 50,000 factors or extra. This provide is barely relevant on in-store purchases and expires tomorrow, April twenty second.

Essentially, by spending $150, you’ll be able to earn 50,000 PC Optimum factors after which use these factors in the direction of buying one thing and get 40 p.c of the factors again, leaving you with a stability of 20,000 factors.

You can use PC Optimum factors in the direction of something within the retailer, even video video games and consoles. Check right here.

To study extra about these gives, click on right here.

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