Doug Ford struggling to do business from home, nonetheless utilizing BlackBerry Classic: report

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s efforts to adapt to working remotely at house are reportedly not going so properly.

According to The Toronto Star, Ford — who’s at the moment self-isolating at his late mom’s house after an aide examined optimistic for COVID-19 — is having some tech issues.

In specific, The Star reviews that Ford’s aides needed to scramble to get him a private laptop computer and train him how one can use it. The aides observe that whereas Ford has grown accustomed to doing distant conferences through Microsoft Teams and Zoom in his Queen’s Park workplace, the premier has tech assist helpful there.

What’s extra, Ford’s aides say the premier doesn’t also have a trendy cellphone, as he’s nonetheless utilizing a 2014 BlackBerry Classic that runs BB10 for calls, texts and emails. This has introduced an issue for the reason that system is so outdated that it struggles to obtain attachments and carry out different primary features.

The Star says Ford is so used to the Classic that he has a stack of refurbished fashions that he purchases from a Mississauga electronics store for about $150 every.

Overall, Ford is going through intense scrutiny over Ontario’s large variety of COVID-19 circumstances, with the province reporting 4,212 new circumstances on Wednesday. The premier has come below fireplace for inconsistent lockdown procedures and failing to take heed to healthcare specialists’ recommendation.

Calls for Ford to resign have since circulated on-line, together with in a current Washington Post op-ed, which was one of many website’s most-read tales over the weekend.

For now, the Ontario authorities is planning an “imminent” announcement pertaining to paid sick depart, which is without doubt one of the initiatives that well being specialists have requested to be applied within the province.

Image credit score: Doug Ford

Source: The Toronto Star

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