Canada invests $56 million to reimagine how EV drivers pay for electrical energy

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The federal authorities’s not too long ago introduced Budget 2021 outlines plans to spend $56.1 million for Measurement Canada to develop a brand new EV charging pricing commonplace.

Currently, when you’ve got an EV, you pay for energy primarily based on how lengthy you cost for as an alternative of how a lot power you utilize. This has been working decently nicely since electrical energy is comparatively low cost, however it additionally signifies that costly automobiles that may fast-charge pay much less for a similar quantity of electrical energy than older automobiles that cost slower.

The plan outlined by the federal government is for Measurement Canada to work with worldwide companions and the U.S. to set a brand new commonplace for zero-emission car charging.

This is a reasonably sensible method to rethink EV charging, and hopefully, Canada can play a key position in growing a brand new commonplace for EVs going ahead.

The funds can be allocating more cash to the Universal Broadband Fund and proposes the implementation of a digital gross sales tax for international internet giants.

Source: Electric Autonomy Canada 

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