Apple releases new Spring Watch Band colors

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At Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ occasion, the corporate revealed the brand new iPad Pro, iMac and Apple TV 4K, however with all these gadgets on the agenda, the tech big didn’t showcase its new assortment of Apple Watch Bands.

The Solo Loop Apple Watch Band now is available in ‘Tomales Blues,’ ‘Pistachio’ and ‘Cantaloup ‘color variants for $59.

Sport Band-wise, there’s the brand new ‘Mallard Green,’ ‘Cantaloupe’ and ‘Capri Blue’ for $59. Other new Nike branded Sport Band color variants embody ‘Chlorine Blue/Green Glow,’ ‘Hasta/Light Silver,’ ‘Ironestone/Black Nike,’ and ‘Anthracite/Black.’ These bands are actually out there for $59.

There are additionally the brand new ‘Pistachio’ and ‘Electric Orange’ Braided Loop Bands out there for $119.

Additionally, there’s the Hermès Jumping Single Tour Watch Bands that are available ‘Noir/Bleu Saphir,’ ‘Rouge de Coeur/Rouge H,’ ‘Kraft/Rouge de Coeur,’ ‘Bleu Saphir/Orange’ and lastly ‘Orange/Rose Mexico.’ These Watch Bands value $399.

You can try the brand new watch bands in Apple’s Store.

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