Apple quietly provides 10 gigabit ethernet port choice to M1 Mac mini

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Apple introduced a bunch of recent merchandise at its latest ‘Spring Loaded’ occasion. While the colourful new iMacs and M1-powered iPad Pro (2021) stole the present, Apple additionally quietly up to date its web site with a brand new Mac mini configuration.

Finally, you may configure the M1 Mac mini with a ten Gigabit (Gb) ethernet port. While that won’t sound like an enormous deal, the M1 Mac mini beforehand solely supplied a 1Gb port, whereas the outdated Intel variant may do both one. It’s particularly essential for professionals and creatives who may gain advantage from the additional wired pace however nonetheless need a cheaper Mac choice.

The M1 Mac mini clocks in at $899 in Canada, however you’ll have to fork out an additional $125 for the tenGb ethernet port, bringing the value as much as $1,024. Considering that’s $575 lower than the brand new base-level M1 iMac, which doesn’t even have an ethernet port (or the coolest new colors), it’s not a nasty choice.

Of course, it’s additionally price noting that that’s simply the bottom Mac mini config and there are a number of different Mac mini configurations that value extra.

You can try the Mac mini and order you 10Gb variant on Apple’s web site.

Source: Apple Via: Gizmodo

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