Here’s find out how to watch Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ occasion

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Apple’s Spring Loaded occasion is ready to happen later in the present day at 1pm ET/10am PT.

The keynote might be pre-recorded and livestreamed on Apple’s web site and YouTube channel, identical to the tech big’s earlier occasions amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike most Apple {hardware} keynotes, current leaks haven’t given us the complete image of what the corporate will unveil in the present day. That stated, a current Bloomberg article means that the corporate may reveal its new 2021 iPad Pro and that it’s engaged on a brand new Apple TV with a built-in speaker.

Other rumours embrace new iMac fashions with minimized bezels and a desktop model of its ARM-based M1 chip, Bluetooth monitoring AirTags and even an Apple TV with a built-in show and digicam that goals to compete once more units like Google’s Nest Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show.

Most lately, rumours additionally appeared concerning Apple launching a new paid podcast subscription platform.

MobileSyrup may have all of the information instantly from Apple’s keynote later in the present day.

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