Xbox boss says PC video games will finally come to Xbox Game Pass streaming

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Xbox is planning to convey PC video games to its Xbox Game Pass’ ‘Cloud Gaming’ characteristic (previously often known as ‘xCloud’).

On Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer responded affirmatively to a fan asking whether or not PC video games would come to Cloud Gaming sooner or later.

“Yes, Azure helps. One of the reasons we push for cross save, don’t want players to have to decide which version of a Cloud game they play unless they want to,” wrote Spencer. “Progress needs to just move with your account, same with community. But PC games will come, focused on console games now.”

The fan was asking in response to Spencer’s authentic tweet concerning the current information that Xbox Cloud Gaming is getting an invite-only preview on iOS and PC this week. Cloud Gaming characteristic has been accessible for everybody in beta on Android since final 12 months.

Xbox’s streaming characteristic presently solely permits for the Xbox variations of video games to stream to totally different platforms, however Spencer’s current tweet signifies that this may finally increase to the PC variations of titles.

In normal, Spencer has been fairly open about his want to convey Game Pass streaming to as many platforms as doable. Last 12 months, he even proposed a Roku-like streaming stick that would plug into TVs to allow Xbox sport streaming, just like what Google provides with Stadia with supported Chromecast fashions.

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