Vancouver-based studio behind Celeste publicizes Earthblade

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Extremely OK Games, the developer of difficult Switch platformer, Celeste, has revealed a teaser poster and soundtrack for the studio’s subsequent title, Earthblade. 

The Vancouver-based developer additionally launched a weblog publish written by Maddy Thorson, the studio’s lead, revealing that the brand new poster and brand had been made by Pedro Medeiros and that the music composed by Lena Raine.

In the weblog publish, Thornson compares the expertise of creating Earthblade to how Celeste was made and discusses how they plan to deal with exhibiting off the brand new title. For instance, whereas the studio was creating Celeste, it tweeted out attention-grabbing issues the staff was engaged on every day, however for Earthblade, Thorson says that Extremely OK Games is planning a reveal “that will hopefully blow your socks off.”

The weblog publish says that it’ll be some time earlier than extra details about the title is revealed. Further, Thornson says that they aren’t positive when Earthblade will launch. It’s at present unknown what platforms Earthblade will launch on or what sort of title the sport is.

“It will take as long as it takes (and that it will take a long time,) writes Thornson before saying that Extremely OK Games will slowly be “grinding away” on the challenge every day.

Source: Extremely OK Games

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