This Twitter account helps Canadians e-book COVID-19 vaccination appointments

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A crew of 4 Canadian volunteers has launched a Twitter account to assist eligible individuals discover appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Vaccine Hunters Canada (@VaxHuntersCan) shares details about vaccination appointment slots throughout the nation. The crew additionally posts the data on Discord.

Each tweet contains details about areas and eligibility. The account additionally posts last-minute modifications and availabilities, similar to pop-up areas.

Vaccine Hunters Canada has almost 82,000 followers on the time of writing and has been met with gratitude from those that have discovered appointments by its updates.

The rollout of vaccines in Canada has been difficult for some individuals as a result of a number of completely different portals and numerous eligibility standards. Vaccine Hunters Canada takes away this confusion and offers fast and quick access to appointments to those that are eligible.

If you’re seeking to e-book a vaccination appointment for your self or a beloved one, be sure you comply with the account to make the method simpler.

Source: @VaxHuntersCan

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