Leaked code suggests Stadia is coming to Chromecast with Google TV quickly

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Google may lastly be getting round to creating its Stadia recreation streaming service obtainable on its not too long ago launched Chromecast with Google TV.

The new Chromecast got here out final 12 months and rapidly turned one of many higher methods to show a typical tv into a sensible TV. That being stated, the Chromecast with Google TV has been lacking assist for Stadia since its launch. Now, a brand new string of code found by 9to5Google suggests the discharge of Stadia compatibility could possibly be imminent.

The code was discovered within the Stadia app on Android and references how the Stadia controller gained’t open Google Assistant when customers are taking part in on a Google TV.

This is a fairly obligatory improve, and it’s nonetheless weird Google determined to launch a product with out assist for its online game streaming service.

For instance, I’ve a Chromecast and a brand new Chromecast with Google TV, and whereas I do like Stadia and the power to play on my TV, I’d slightly have the distant so it’s simpler to make use of the TV to observe content material since I try this greater than gaming.

With all that stated, this replace is thrilling, and maybe it should lastly make me use Stadia just a little extra.

Source: 9to5Google

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