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Telus reportedly providing $45/25GB ‘win-back’ provide to some former clients

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Vancouver-based nationwide provider Telus is providing a $45/25GB ‘win-back’ provide to some former clients.

The deliver your individual machine (BYOD) win-back plan comes with limitless nationwide calling and texting.

A person on RedFlagDeals says they had been supplied the win-back deal a number of days in the past after leaving the provider round three months in the past and switching to Freedom Mobile. The person obtained the primary month free in credit score and Telus additionally waived activation charges.

Telus supplied this win-back deal to some clients a number of months in the past and it seems that it has introduced it again for choose clients.

As with every other win-back deal like this, your mileage might differ. If you left Telus just lately, it could be price giving the provider a name should you’re within the plan.

Source: RedFlagDeals

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