New Chrome characteristic lets customers create a hyperlink to highlighted textual content

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Google is launching a brand new Chrome characteristic that permits customers to create a hyperlink to highlighted textual content on a webpage.

The new characteristic is rolling out as a part of Chrome 90. Google product supervisor Kayce Hawkins launched the brand new characteristic in a weblog put up.

“With ‘Copy link to highlight’, you can share a URL for selected text highlighted for the recipient,” Hawkins notes.

Hawkins outlines that after you go to a webpage all it’s important to do is spotlight the textual content you need to create a hyperlink to after which choose the “copy link to highlight” choice within the menu after you right-click.

From there, customers will probably be given a URL that ends in a pound signal, which may then be shared with others. Once others click on the hyperlink, they’ll be despatched to the textual content that you simply highlighted, versus the highest of the webpage.

Hawkins says that this characteristic is now rolling out to desktop and Android customers. It will probably be obtainable to iOS customers quickly.

Source: Google

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