Here are the Samsung Galaxy Z Tab and S21 FE leaks from final week

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Images, renders and movies of upcoming smartphones repeatedly leak. All of those leaks may be troublesome to observe, so we’ve compiled an inventory of the previous week’s hottest rumours.

This previous week from April tenth to April sixteenth, we coated a couple of essential Samsung leaks.


Samsung is reportedly trying to launch a tri-folding pill. The gadget is rumoured to launch within the first quarter of 2022 and might be referred to as the Galaxy Z Tab.

This pill is also teased throughout the rumoured Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 launch later this yr.

The glass on the rumoured Galaxy Z Tab is tipped to be thinner than the present technology of ultra-thin glass (UTG). The pill can also be rumoured to incorporates a Bluetooth-enabled hybrid S Pen.

For extra on the Galaxy Z Tab hearsay, click on right here.

This previous week there was additionally an enormous Samsung Galaxy S21 FE leak.

The smartphone is anticipated to function a 6.4-inch flat show, a single punch-hole selfie digicam on the entrance and a triple digicam setup on the again. It’s additionally anticipated to launch in at the least 5 color variants.

The cellphone can also be rumoured to be 4mm taller and three.3mm wider than Samsung’s Galaxy S21.

For extra on this leak, click on right here.

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