Volkswagen’s ID.4 prices $44,995, solely coming to Quebec and B.C. in 2021

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Volkswagen’s (VW) mass-market electrical SUV is coming to Canada with a 400km vary and a $44,995 price ticket.

This makes it eligible for the federal authorities’s $5,000 rebate, bringing the value right down to round $40,000.

The base trim is ready to roll out in B.C. and Quebec this summer time, in line with Electric Autonomy Canada. Following that, the AWD model of the automobile will hit these provinces later in 2021. This is probably going as a result of each provinces supply sturdy rebate packages, making the automobile much more inexpensive there. It’s slated to develop into out there to Ontario in some unspecified time in the future and the remainder of Canada in 2022.

The ID.4 contains a 400km vary, which, whereas isn’t the most effective round, is way additional than the Chevy Bolt EUV (roughly 241km) and similar to the Hyundai Kona.

While this looks as if a very gradual rollout, it’s as a result of VW solely has one manufacturing facility in Germany that’s constructing ID.4 fashions. It’s engaged on getting one other manufacturing facility up and operating in Tennesse, experiences Electric Autonomy Canada. Once that plant is finished in 2022, the corporate expects a wider rollout of the SUV.

Source: Electric Autonomy Canada

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