Tesla resolves dispute with ex-employee over autopilot code breach

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In 2019, Tesla sued a former worker, Cao Guangzhi, for downloading and sharing knowledge associated to the corporate’s Autopilot function with rival firm, China-based XMotors.

Guangzhi labored with Tesla for 2 years earlier than becoming a member of XMotors in January 2019. Fast ahead to now and Tesla and Guangzhi have settled the dispute, in accordance with a report from Reuters.

Guangzhi is alleged to have made a financial cost to Tesla as a part of the settlement phrases, however the quantity and different particulars haven’t been revealed.

XMmotors was not concerned within the case although it commented that the corporate respects mental property and develops its personal self-driving car know-how in-house. Guagnzhi’s authorized consultant furthered the declare, saying his consumer by no means offered Tesla’s coding data to XMotors or some other firm.

Tesla has its manufacturing facility in Shanghai, placing it in direct competitors with XMotors and different Chinese manufacturers.

The Reuters report says that Guangzhi has left XMotors. This just isn’t the one lawsuit Tesla has undertaken to attempt to reign its commerce secrets and techniques. 

Source: Reuters

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